Double-edged Sword: Vigilantes in African Counter-insurgencies

8 Sep 2017 | Uncategorized
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Overview: Terrorism in 2016

7 Sep 2017 | Terrorism
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Illicit cigarette trade in the Maghreb region

7 Sep 2017 | Organized Crime and Corruption
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7 Sep 2017 | Mission Report
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Mediterraneo and Medio Oriente Foreign Actors in Libya' s Crisis

1 Jul 2017 | Environmental and Resources Issues
Libyan Crisis: International Actors at Play, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia. Neighboring States - Diverging Approaches, The Gulf States: Channeling Regional Ambitions in Different Directions

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Challenges and Opportunities Across NATO's Greater South

1 May 2017 | Uncategorized
NATO and its partners, as a part of discussions related to the Alliance’s efforts to promote peace and security in its broader neighbourhood, have increasingly focused on NATOs’ "Southern Flank.”  In the following report, the authors argue that this primarily military term is likely to be off-putting to many current or would-be NATO partners, such as foreign ministries, international organisations, and civilian stakeholders, hindering the goals of "projecting stability” and risking a near-exclusive focus on threats and risks.  Furthermore, this report demonstrates how the term "Southern Flank” does not fully capture NATO’s challenges.  For example, issues like trafficking and migration originate in far-flung areas including West Africa, Latin America, and Central Asia, which may not be part of the Southern Flank as current conceived by NATO.  In suggesting the use of a less heavily value-laden and military-centric term like the "Greater South”, the authors point out that challenges emanating from the Greater South also present opportunities to Alliance states that may bolster NATO’s strategic objectives.
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